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Aglow International is now in 170 countries around the world.  It is one of the world's largest International Christian organizations, with over 4,600 fellowship groups in the US and around the world.  Montana is but a small part of this organization and we are honored to be involved!

If you have any questions about Aglow, or would like someone to pray with you please Contact Us here.

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Montana Aglow Fall Encounter!

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October 23rd and 24th You Can Watch It
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Click on the picture for some information on GameCHANGERS
If you are interested in joining or hosting a GameCHANGERS
Bible study
please contact Cindy Inman at
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Trauma Healing Institute
Healing from the Distress
of the COVID-19 Crisis
Program Materials
Available Here!

      1. Better understand the COVID-19 disease
      2. Explore the effects of COVID-19 on people
      3. Reflect on Godís love and care
          in the midst of this crisis
      4. Learn how to help yourselves and others
          heal from the trauma of COVID-19


Click Here For Adult Program

Click Here For Children's Program

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You Can Print Or Save The File From There

Trauma Healing Initial Equipping Sessions

If you are interested in attending or hosting
a session please
click here to see the list
of the names and locations of our Facilitators

For more information about Trauma Healing
training go to


Order Pat Kempf's Book
Who Me?  A Spiritual Warrior??
A Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Online Here

Pat's "Freedom Can Be Yours" and the
accompanying "Facilitator's Guide" have
just been re-printed and are available
as well


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